The Difference With a “Plaintiff’s” Probate Firm

Orange and AppleOur firm is sometimes brought into a case after another probate/guardianship firm has begun the estate administration or guardianship process, but has not been able to competently usher a settlement through the various obstacles associated with child injury and wrongful death cases in Florida. I have been shocked by “normal” probate attorneys neglecting to protect the interests of plaintiff’s firms, despite the work of the plaintiff’s firms to create windfall settlements benefiting the estate or injured child. Probate firms with practices comprised of mostly non-settlement related cases may not have the requisite knowledge of Florida’s statutory settlement schemes and related case law to:

  1. Protect settlements from creditors
  2. Ensure efficient settlement approval
  3. Protect the interests of the injury firm securing the settlement

For most probate firms, a wrongful death or child injury case in an anomaly. These cases are our bread and butter, and we take pride in facilitating settlements throughout the state every day. If you need advice on a child injury or wrongful death settlement we are here to help. Call or email anytime: (352) 354-2654/

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