How We Help Plaintiff’s Firms

Florida Probate Law Group has facilitated millions of dollars in wrongful death and child injury settlements. Why do injury attorneys turn to us to handle these important issues?

Protecting Client Funds

We are experienced in defeating liens and claims in wrongful death cases. Sometimes, plaintiff’s attorneys ask us “are you sure this is legal?” the first time we neutralize a five or six figure threat to a pending settlement. We assure you it is not only legal, but part of our professional and ethical responsibility towards the settlement recipient. Read more about that process here.

In child injury cases, we strive to maximize the settlement benefit for your client. This may be through planning to protect government benefits, ensuring that the right guardian is selected, properly securing restricted depository funds, or providing practical advice on spending settlement proceeds.

Protecting Your Firm’s Reputation

By delegating probate, guardianship, and Medicaid planning tasks to Florida Probate Law Group, injury firms ensure that their settlements are efficiently chauffeured to their clients, avoiding procedural delays (or worse). After the settlement is finalized, we handle the loose ends of closing estates and administering guardianships until your minor clients reach the age of majority. When you hand probate and guardianship matters off to Florida Probate Law Group, you can rest assured that we will not only protect your client’s settlement, but your reputation as well.

Responsive, Predictable, and Affordable

We communicate. The firms we work with are never in the dark regarding the status of their matters. We understand that settlements are the lifeblood of your business, and make it our mission to keep that blood pumping fast and clean. Our fees are flat rates. We pay for ourselves by maximizing net settlements to your clients and minimizing time spent by your attorneys and staff on legal matters outside of their expertise.

If you need help with a wrongful death estate administration, child injury settlement, or Medicaid issue call us at (352) 354-2654.

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