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Due Diligence for Personal Injury Attorneys Handling Minor Settlements and Wrongful Death Cases

Success, in so much of the work we do as attorneys, rests on how prepared we are. Handling a personal injury case involving probate and guardianship is no different. Even the best civil trial attorneys can find themselves in a nightmare when stepping out of their area of expertise and representing their client in probate court. I’ve seen so many, otherwise simple cases, go awry, not only when I served as the Probate and Guardianship Trial Court Staff Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit where I reviewed thousands of petitions, but also when my firm has been hired to pull a case out of the mud for an injury firm. The following tips are meant to help you know what to anticipate if you choose to handle the court approval, guardianship or estate administration for a personal injury client, so you can adequately prepare and avoid disaster.

Step 1: BEFORE You Get Involved

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