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Gainesville, FL

Phone: (352) 354-2654


Gainesville Florida Probate Lawyer – Florida Probate Law Group

The attorneys at Florida Probate Law Group take pride in providing legal services throughout the state in the areas of probate, guardianship, and estate planning. A Gainesville Florida probate lawyer with our firm can provide free advice regarding any probate or guardianship case in the sunshine state and represent you for a flat fee if you need legal assistance.

Florida Probate Law Group helps families who have lost a loved one navigate the legal process required to administer the decedent’s estate as well as families that need to secure guardianship over a loved one. Our mission is to educate our clients of their legal rights and help them reach their goals. Our staff is dedicated to guiding clients through difficult times and offering strategies to move forward prudently.

What We Stand for

Our core values are transparency, compassion, and diligence. These values are reflected in our flat fee billing structure.

In our practice we are honest with our clients about the total cost of legal representation. Flat fees allow clients to understand the total cost of the case from the beginning. Many probate firms bill clients by the hour, making the total cost of representation unpredictable. When clients pay by the hour, lawyers are incentivized to bill as much as possible by doing extra work and drawing out the case. Many hourly billing law firms charge clients for phone calls (even if you are calling for an update), for printing, for sending faxes, for “long distance” phone calls, et cetera. When you pay a retainer to an hourly billing law firm, that is only a down payment on legal fees, and you will be asked to pay more when the retainer is exhausted.

Our Story

Florida probate law group was founded by husband and wife Charles “Cary” David and R. Nadine David. Nadine David’s experience working as a trial court staff attorney in the eighth Judicial Circuit required her to manage thousands of probate and guardianship cases and advise Alachua County Judges regarding the resolution of complex and contested matters. This role allowed her to develop an expertise in estate and guardianship administration and to understand the court’s internal process of handling the probate and guardianship docket. Today, our attorneys and staff use this knowledge to provide the best possible outcomes to our clients. Gainesville FL probate lawyer R. Nadine David has created a law firm that puts clients first.

Bo Diddley Case

Our firm was proud to help the family of rock-and-roll legend Bo Diddley (Ellas McDaniel) regain control of their patriarch’s music rights and assets by winning a high stakes trust litigation case in Alachua County, Florida. Read more about the case here:

Bo Diddley’s family gets OK to hire new estate trustee

What We Do

Florida Probate Law Group works statewide in the areas of probate, guardianship, and estate planning. Our firm works for families from all walks of life, in addition to collaborating with lawyers across the state to facilitate probate and guardianship administrations related to personal injury and wrongful death settlements.

We charge flat fees in our probate, guardianship, and estate planning cases so that our clients know upfront exactly how much it will cost to accomplish their goals. Our firm takes pride in delivering value for money, and strives to build relationships that will result in past and present clients referring future clients to our firm.

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Client Reviews
I was very happy with her response to my questions and concerns about Florida probate. I am in Ohio and was not familiar with the process but they cleared everything up for me and made me feel comfortable going through the probate process with my loved ones will. Roger
Honest and straight forward assessment of complex case. My case span both federal and state issues, as well as civil case of fraud which maybe criminal fraud. He told me what he could do, what his limits of scope were and what my best/safest position should be and gave me an outline of how to get there. S. Todd
The world of probate can be fairly daunting for one who has little to no experience. Between trying to figure out what to file and when to file, there is also the where. I was quite relieved to have Nadine and Cary to guide me through the court process. Michael O.
I highly recommend using this law group for your Florida probate needs, and in particular, Charles David. He explained clearly what my 91 year old aunt would need to do in order to sell property that was in hers and her late husband's name. Patti T.
Florida probate law group,was very helpful in answering the many questions that I had concerning my situation their input was very appreciated thank you. Shirley M.